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Hypnosis : Have you ever been hypnotized?


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Mountain Man answered

No, I have never been hypnotized.

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Yin And Yang answered

Yes twice. Once when I was a kid to lose weight. I was too young to understand but I remember I liked the lady's soothing relaxing voice. (It was during the craze where a person listens to the hypnotist as they fall asleep every night and it was suppose to work.)

The second time I was much older and intrigued by the study of the human mind. I knew that a hypnotist could not make a person do something they wouldn't do on a regular basis (such as a hypnotist could not make a person have sex with them if they normally wouldn't have sex with a stranger/Dr.) Anyways I didn't believe someone could have any kind of control over my mind. So I volunteered along with 9 other people to go up on stage & participate with the hypnotist show. The person began to do their hypnotizing and then suggested that there was this horrible smell... And it's coming from the person sitting next to you. At first I thought it couldn't work... Till I began to smell a horrible body odor coming from the person next to me! I freaked out and snapped myself out of it. I wouldn't allow myself to be hypnotized again for the rest of the show. (It was funny watching everyone else put their noses up to the person next to them, gag and make disgusted faces. Some plugged their nose. Others got up and tried not to look "rude" but needed to sit away from the person.)

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PJ Stein
PJ Stein commented
We had a hypnotist at our senior prom. They did the group thing. They told the group that the audience was naked. Most people, including all the girls looked down at the ground. A couple of guys checked out certain people. But one guy stood up and pointed at a friend of his and was laughing so hard and loud. I was disappointed I couldn't see who he was pointing at. Lol
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
PJ... oh too funny!!!!! 😅😅😅 that would have been so funny to watch!
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
RefreshMe, I wondered the same thing at first. It is real. I think those who got "more deeply" hypnotized was actually open and wanting the full experience. So the suggestions worked more. They also had the stage count to ten but for some reason you couldn't remember the number 6. By that time I had snapped myself out of it but I was still up there with the other volunteers. It was funny watching them struggle to count! But I was still freaked out that it actually started to work on me.
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Skip Gentry answered

No. I would be afraid to do that.

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Taila Nevado answered

No, I have never been hypnotised and do not want to be as
well. I am too afraid of what might happen. I guess that you should trust
someone completely to allow yourself to be controlled by him/her. I just do not
appreciate being handled like this and I would be too curious to know what had occurred
during the process.

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