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What’s gas running in your part of the world?


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Toni Pauze answered

Yesterday it was $1.88. We had $.30 off a gallon so filled up for $1.58 a gallon.

I’m so glad it’s down.

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I was all excited when I read this question cuz I noticed the gas in California went down a little and I finally had a positive answer!!! Gas here is $3.25 a gallon. But after reading Tigers answer I am so jealous!

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Toni Pauze
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Awe I’m sorry. It’s been below $2.00 for the last couple of weeks.
Yin And Yang
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Well I have good news... I went to the pump and it was $3.15 a gallon! 😆 It just may be on its way down to! ☺
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Here in the UK the price of petrol is about $5:30 a US gallon, correcting for the current exchange rate and the larger UK gallons.

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Here in Canada it varies greatly in price from province to province. Locally, it's gone down in price. Per litre... It's $ 1.19. Don't know how that translates to American/ imperial gallons.

Considering we export a lot crude to the states ...our prices are high.

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It’s $1.99 a gallon.

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It was $ 2.56 per gallon for regular when I filled up Friday here in central Pennsylvania. 

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In Southwestern Pennsylvania ( Monongahela Pa ) where i live , It's $2.49 a gallon . Pennsylvania is tax crazy , we have Governor Tom Wolf he is a Democrat aKa Sheep in Wolves clothing.

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In my town $2.07 across the river is in different county with lower taxes so they are running around $1.97.

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How are you settling in your new home? I saw somebody walking their dog who reminded me of Skully (not as cute as her of course.) I was thinking about you guys.
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Haven't moved yet. No one showed up past week to do work. Hired two new painters that start Tuesday. Kitchen needs remodeling and have someone coming out Tuesday to give an estimate. I am also going to see someone else tomorrow to set up another estimate. All while dealing with the worst head cold I have had in years. We have also had one bid on our old house and are waiting for another from someone who came in for a showing this morning.
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Wow! That is alot! I will be praying for you especially your head cold. I hope you feel better soon. Feeling icky intensifies the stress of all you have to do. On an odd note... You mentioned no one showed up to do the work last week... Yang is a truck driver. He hauls the sand the construction workers use to build houses. He had very little hours last week because... all the construction workers didn't show up for work so the sand sat or couldn't be delivered! He joked around at first saying "what did the workers do, go on vacation to Vegas or something?" Come to find out, that is where all the workers went! And the strange thing is that it is workers from different companies! 🤔

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