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What would you do? I rescued a tank full of young guppies. (Their tank was WAY too dirty and they were fed WAY too much.) They were sick with "swim bladder disease." (Not a deadly/catchy illness if treated by isolation, fresh water and no food for 4-5 days. 5 died the first day. All but three I was able to get well. Here is my dilemma... when I was trying to pull one of the well fish out to put in a breeder net, a sick one jumped out into the tank... and a bigger fish ate him. I have not been able to get these last two fish well. Is it more humane to keep trying to get them better? Or is it more humane to feed these two to the bigger fish? 😔😓

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Willie B. good answered

You've gone this far with them, I say keep trying to nurse them back to health.

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