which name combination should I use for a girl? 1.Annalina gedira. 2.Blessa Amor. 3. Solin Remorra. 4. Solin Nikole. which name combination should I use for a boy? 1.Reid Balian. 2. Leo Gabriel. 3. Balian Reid. 4. Blaze Patrick.

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Both # 4's

Very creative names. Was difficult to choose.

Although the last name has a bearing on things  sometimes and you didn't supply rhat.

Are u having a baby ?

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Saara McLanning
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Thank you for your reply. No I’m not having a baby. I am writing a book actually and needed some help with a name for a female and a name for a male as well
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Willie B. good answered

Here's a great name combination for a boy or a girl ( Anonymous troll)

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Saara McLanning
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this by the way was for a book I am writing.
Tom  Jackson
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@Saara McLanning

Most members on here don't like questions and answers from anyone posting as "Anonymous"---especially when your real name shows up in your comments.
Willie B. good
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If you don't like snarky answers quit asking anonymously, as far as I'm concerned you are a troll when you're asking anonymous questions and then instantly ask the same question with your screen name. so I stand by my answer I think Anonymous troll is is perfect for you. Have a nice day :)

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