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Anyone using a glucose monitor ? What brand and what do you like about it?


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Here is the current Glucometer I'm using now : 

This is called the OneTouch Verio Meter . My cousin was Type 1 Diabetic since age 5  and she's currently age 35 and she has a insulin pump , all the insulin injections she did never helped her..She always used OneTouch  Glucometers , she was in Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Pa and this the meter they recommended.. Other meters can give lower Blood sugar or Higher Blood sugar readings so i do myself have always used OneTouch Glucometers.

Myself i been a Type 2 Diabetic since 2000 , my HA1C was 10 and now they were last down to 6.9 but I've had a weight loss over 100 lbs  before becoming a diabetic i was having frequent low blood sugar readings as low as 55 . The lowest i been in the past months was 58 and had no idea i was that low . They say peanut butter on wheat toast with little jelly and cup of milk is what brings you up and you can even add Yogurt too. My doctor has me on sliding scale if my blood sugars before eating is above 150 than i need to take fast acting insulin coverage,  if i am lower i don't need to take anything.

*NOTE WHEN TAKING A BLOOD SAMPLE*  Always prick the finger from the side of your finger but always wipe the first sample comes out , never use the first sample, always squeeze the finger the second time and take that sample of blood from your finger when you squeeze the second time.

My health insurance UPMC for YOU ( Medicaid HMO) only pays for Glucometers with a good reputation so they pay for OneTouch and i believe some other meters but i could be wrong i know these type of meters are highly recommended.  They OneTouch Verio test strips with the meter above and some other OneTouch Glucometers use other OneTouch test strips. I hope this info helps you out . Diabetes runs on both sides of my family , my late Paternal Grand-dad had Diabetes and my Late Mom had Diabetes , Late Maternal Grandma was Diabetic . So i have 95 % chance to always be a Diabetic .

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You're very welcome :)
Darren Wolfgang
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You know to come to think about it , I would contact OneTouch and see if one of their meters will let one to know whether they have ketones cause i believe one of the meters i had said with my blood sugar i was in ketones stage with my blood sugar being high .
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*PLEASE SEE MY UPDATE* I believe they do have a Glucomter made by OneTouch will tell you if you have ketones in your blood cause I had one and i recalled it told me when my blood sugar was elevated i was in the ketone category so that is danger zone .I would contact them and see cause if the ketones are in your blood they can be in your urine too. ( Sorry for the big caps)

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