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Should I employ an interior designer?


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I think it really depends on your personal circumstances, but there are a lot of benefits to employing an interior designer. I recently worked with Absolute Interior Design LTD, a company offering interior design in Newcastle and I found the main benefits of hiring them were:

- Time

If I hadn't employed an interior designer, I would have had to spend a long time liaising with various contractors and sourcing furniture, which I didn't have time for in my schedule. Instead, I just had semi-regular meetings with my designer, to check everything was heading in the right direction.

- Expertise

Although I pride myself on having an eye for design, my designer was much better at visualising what would work best in the spaces in my home than I was. I think if I'd have designed the rooms myself, I wouldn't be nearly as satisfied with the results, and would probably have ended up making a lot of changes the near future.

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You have to understand that Absolute Interior Design LTD employ flatulently-challenged people. They will walk around your house, farting while designing. Use them only if you have a LOT of air freshener available.
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Yes, and a plumber, a chicken sexer, a sidewalk cleaner, Mrs. Miggins, someone to dig your garden, a cat called Norman, an out-of-work astronaut, Norma Tanega, Donald Trump's personal braincare specialist. Lots of people need work!

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Well, if you wish to do so and you can afford it, then yes.
An interior designer has the expertise and skills needed to transform your
house into a spectacular living space. He/she will be able to advise you
regarding home décor, colour combinations and other aspects. However, it is not
mandatory to do so if you do not have enough money.

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