Skip  Gentry

Ancient One, I hope you are OK! Today, Feb.16, is National almond day and National Do a grouch a favor day. Is today your day?


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Yin And Yang answered

I like the smokehouse almonds. Actually I like any almonds. I didn't encounter a grouch today so... I'll pass on doing a favor. Lol!

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Skip Gentry answered

I like Hershey bars with almonds. My favorite! 

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PJ Stein answered

I hope Ancient One is fine too. I like my almond with Himalayan salt and covered in dark chocolate.  That kind of that the healthiness out of them, but they sure taste good!

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

Almonds in moderation. I'm in.

I do hope Mr A1 is ok....

Darren Wolfgang Profile
Darren Wolfgang answered

Hello Skip. He logged in one time earlier this morning and that is last i saw of him and no Question of the Day . So i hope Ancient One is fine !!!

Yes this is my day Feb 16 , 2019  i like Almond and Yes i would like to do a grouch a favor and make their day happy. LOL  Yes this sounds like a good day to me :) :) 

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