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Have you ever used cacao in your hair?


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Used coconut instead.

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Yes. It's messy.

I've used coconut oil. Tea rinses, beer rinses, avacado masks, coffee rinses,  mayo conditioner, egg conditioners, olive oil treatments. I'm a walking grocery store

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No, I have not. When I had longer hair, I used to store small mammals in it. I think the largest animal was a honey badger called Nigel. But Cacao? No.

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Is cacao good for hair?

These include magnesium and zinc, which help to fight hair loss, and calcium, which promotes healthy hair growth. Cocoa powder also contains protein and an extremely high level of antioxidants,
which also help the scalp to grow longer, stronger and healthier hair.

Where to purchase it from :

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No, I have not used cacao in my hair. However, I have heard
that it has several benefits. For instance, it helps fight hair loss, prevents
breakage and it promotes healthy growth. It is also good for the skin. I do not
know if that is true though. Do tell us about your experience if you try it!

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