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Name something funny that your pet does?


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PJ Stein answered

Skully will stand on his hind legs and spy on the neighbors.

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So many things. With a fireplace burning and birch bark placed in different areas of the living room, if I sit down near the fireplace my Golden Ret will bring me those pieces of bark.

She can play patty- cake with me for a short while if she's in the mood for it.

Best is that if I'm not paying attention to her... She'll nuzzle my neck and face until I put the newspaper down. Wet nose therapy !

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Darren Wolfgang answered

I had a Cockerspaniel who passed,  when she was living she had her own unique way of dancing around when she needed to go out to potty . I really miss her , this March 31 , 2019 will be 3 years since she had to leave us but i know she's here cause often her soul comes to me i can smell her doggie scents every so often so i know it's her.

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Taila Nevado answered

have a small betta fighter called “Blublu”.
Once I came back home and I saw him at the bottom of his little
aquarium. I got worried and thought it had died. After a while, I realised that
he was fighting with his reflection. Actually he does this very often! Well, it
is not really funny but I enjoy watching him doing this

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