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how's it going here y'all?


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Mountain  Man Profile
Mountain Man answered

Hey Superfly. It's good to see you.

It's going pretty good. The spam isn't near as bad as it once was. A few members that left are starting to pop in on occasion. It would be nice to see them more often.

I don't know if you knew or not, but unfortunately, Otis and Walter both passed away. They will always be missed.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Hey Superfly! Going good. Glad to see you.

carlos Striker Profile
carlos Striker answered

Almost the same way it is going there.

Toni Pauze Profile
Toni Pauze answered

Good to see you again.

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Taila Nevado answered


It is nice to see you again. The weekend is soon, so we are
all doing good I guess. This thread made me happy. The way you are so close to
each other warms my heart. I have never seen people caring about others like
this on an online platform.

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