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Ancient One's question of the day prompted another question. "Near miss day" is to be celebrated by celebrating life and all the second chances you've been given. Have you ever been given a second chance after a near miss?


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I think I’ve been given a lot of second chances, because I don’t think I would be on this earth 🌏 as long as I have, without them.

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Back in the late 60's I had a buddy I fished and hunted with.

We had been up all night successfully fishing for crappie, and decided to squirrel hunt the next day.

We were a bit tired.

I stepped forward as we were walking, and my buddy who was walking behind me said, "Tom, look out."

I looked down and had just stopped over a copperhead snake that was sunning itself in a sunny spot on the trail.

Apparently the snake was as tired and lethargic as we were. So I was fine.

We decided it was time to drive home and get some sleep.

And another I had forgotten.  When I was about 4 we had driven up to see a distant relative one afternoon.  

They had horses.  They had one loaded on a trailer which only had sides and a front. (I have no idea what it was for.)

At any rate, one of my cousins lifted me up and put me on the horse's back.  The horse didn't like that.  He reared up and threw himself off the trailer and directly onto his back.

Fortunately, my cousin was a burly adult and managed to pull me off before the horse landed.


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The unknown is probably how many near misses that I had as a toddler and how I was saved by my parents.

In a noisy consrruction gulley, I saw a dozer that had popped into gear with no one riding it. It was bound and determined to pin crush an unsuspecting friend.  I raced it and yelled out a warning that saved his life...at least severe injury to limbs.

The odd part was that I had laryngitis.  I guess adrenaline made it possible for me to yell.

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Last year my dad was given a 2% chance of survival by the doctors. Less then two weeks later he walked out of the hospital. He is healthier today then I have ever seen him! (He even quit smoking after 58 years of chain smoking!) Today is a great day to celebrate. I got a second chance with my dad for 2 birthdays now, and another round of holidays. πŸ˜† He got to hear the words "you're gonna be a great-grandpapy" if even for 13 days. He went back to his job he's had since I was 6 months old. He is a blessing and it's been an honor to witness such a miracle. 😊 I thank the Lord for second chances!

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I can't really count the number of times the Almighty has given me a second chance. I am actually scared to count them. I have a few mementos though. I have a Army helmet with a hole in; I have a burnt up restaurant chair; I have a steering wheel from a VW bug. Not to mention a few scars. For me those close calls were the Good Lord getting my attention.

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That is amazing! You say getting your attention.... I say you still have work left to do my friend! 😊 I am glad you are here my friend!!! πŸ€—

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