Darren Wolfgang

Hello friends , been off of Blurtit due to some health concerns and just today got back some abnormal Lab Work results so don't know if the doctor will call i also been feeling down too so, Hope everyone's doing good ..Hugs?


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Hello Darren. I’m glad you’re back! We were all so worried about you! I’m sorry you had some tests come back abnormal, but hopefully your Dr. Can get you on the correct medicine, and you’ll feel better than you did before!!!  I’m very happy to see you back!!!  😊❤️🎉🌹🌹

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Darren Wolfgang
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Thank you Skip . Glad to be back and i hope the doctor can figure what's going on . It's worrying me but I'm trying to keep a sound mind and not get upset over it. -Hugs- Miss You All !!!
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Welcome back. I am sorry you have not been feeling well and
I am even more upset that your lab results were abnormal. Do not stress yourself.
If it was really serious, your doctor would have told you so. So hopefully you
will get well soon. Take some rest. I send you lots of prayers.

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Taila makes an excellent point Darren. If it was serious the doctors would have to talk to you... Or they could get a major malpractice suit against them if something happened to you. Most of the time they want to error on the side of caution. Hang in there. We are all here for you. Prayers are going up my friend! 😊

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Oh Darren I've been so worried about you, I'm glad you're back and I hope you'll be okay.

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Don't scare us like that, Darren

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I’m glad to see you Darren. We were very worried about you. Don’t stress yourself over the test, that will not help you at all.  The DR will call I’m sure.  Take care of yourself in the mean time.

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Yes i am worried but the doctors office never called so don't know what to think , i missed all of you and i love you all but i did get some lab work come back abnormal so don't know what to think ?

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