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With all the animals that have gone extinct over the years, why not bugs?


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Actually there are quite a few species of insects that have gone extinct.

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Actually, insects are disappearing at an unprecedented rate, worldwide.

The planet’s food chain is under a growing threat of an insufficient number of bees and other pollinators to fertilize food crops.

A report issued at the end of last year by German botanists, who studied the biomass of insects in isolated areas going back to the 1970’s, (Puerto Rico was one of the study areas), described in great detail how populations of insects are COLLAPSING. Insecticides, habitat corruption, disease and a changing climate are among the key factors for these findings.

Be advised there is, apparently, a great deal to be concerned about.

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Concerned? About bugs?
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Yes. Insects not only perform functions like pollination and decomposition of organic matter, they also serve as food for many other species.
If the bottom of the food chain collapses, ALL of the species above them are threatened. Including humans.
We have to realize that there is more to “bugs” than pests, insects fill irreplaceable roles in the circle of life on earth. And they are in decline.
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I don't know but I know roaches were here before humans.

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It's a curious thing. Where man has deliberately tried to exterminate species of bugs he has failed. Locusts, Africanized bees, Anopheline Mosquitos, ticks, roaches etc., all thrive. Yet those insects upon which we depend, honey bees, hoverflies, ladybugs etc, are all in decline. Widespread use of insecticides to kill crop pests are thought to be behind the chronic collapse of bee populations. Invasive species (here in the UK) have been responsible for the missing native ladybugs. Intensive farming has left few enough flower meadows for butterflies. "Don't it always seem to go......"

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Here is list of insects that are extinct :

But i believe more insects will come about as years go on . I've only saw one Stink Bug and that was one i looked back was sitting on my shoulders i kindly took a piece of tissue and threw it out the door cause if you kill them in the house that creates more of them to come.

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