Macauluy Culkin

Does it annoy you when people dont respond to your text messages?


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Skip Gentry answered

Yes it does. Especially when it takes all day to get a response.

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Mountain Man answered

No. Like Yin said, I assume they are busy. I don't always respond immediately if I'm busy. If it's something important, I call instead of text. That's quicker for me.

Janis Haskell Profile
Janis Haskell answered

No, my own cell is rarely on ... Texting isn't my usual method of communication.

Taila Nevado Profile
Taila Nevado answered

If someone is close to me and I know he/she is free but
he/she is deliberately ignoring my messages, then I would get annoyed. This
would also be the case if I need an urgent response for something important.
Apart from that, I would assume that the person is busy and he/she will reply
when he/she is free.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

No, but then again, it can take me hours or even a day to respond to a text. I am often driving when one comes in, or busy doing something else. My family and most of my friends, all has the same understanding. If you need an answer to something and it is not urgent, text. If it urgent or important call.

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Macauluy Culkin
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I sometimes find it very strange people would go a whole day without checking their phone, when I am around such people they seem to constantly have their heads buried in their phones.
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Darren Wolfgang answered

Hello Macauluy Culkin Yes it annoys me,  I guess that's why me and texting don't mixed too well.. What i hate is when your texting them and all sudden they leave you holding with one or two words that's all than you go all day and into the night wondering where they went than wee hours of night into the morning they start texting again.. Well, these are what i call my fair weather friends or fair weather relatives whatever you call them my advice is move on and find more interesting people to text message.

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Ray Dart answered

If someone sends me a text message it is either because it's useful or convenient to them (I grant it might be useful to me too, but I have no way of knowing that.)

If they really want to talk to me and get a response, they could call. I always respond to a 'phone call.

It means that some ACTUALLY wants to talk to me. A text means they may not.

You expect me to respond to someone who may not want me to talk to them?

Texting is not communication. It's convenience.

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