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When you shower do you wash your legs and feet?


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What's a shower? 😩

Lol! Just kidding.

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Yup.. Head to toe...and everything in between.

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I do too!

The reason I asked was I read that 70% don’t. Whatever water and soap runs down their legs that’s it.

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That doesn't work for shaving! πŸ˜£πŸ€• (the bandages should be around the legs not head but hay my emojis are limited! πŸ˜…)
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Shaving? What’s that? I haven’t had to do that since the 80’s. And I’m not complaining.
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Not washing those would save a lot of time / water.
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I always do. I am barefoot or in flip flops 99% of the time, so my feet get dirty. I do remember once in high school I was 5 minutes late for something because as I was drying off after my shower, I realized I forgot to wash my feet and jumped back in the shower. My friend looked puzzled and said she never thought to wash her feet. I tried not to look grossed out by that.

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Well, this is a weird question because I always assumed
people wash their legs and feet when they shower. I do except when I am really in
a hurry, such as being very late for work. In this case, I just take a quick
shower and get dressed very quickly.

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I bathe but if I took a shower yes I would wash my legs and feet I do that when I bathe.

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