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Should I write stories describing myself? like how my personality is and what I enjoy and stuff I don't enjoy? etc.


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I think that's called a diary or journal. Supposed to be good for mental health

Go for it.

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You can write whatever you want to Megan. Most people donโ€™t write about themselves unless itโ€™s in a biography .

Or you planning on sharing these stories?

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You should write what you know. It can be about you, or about your feelings, using a fictional character to portray someone similar to you.

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Well, you can write whatever you wish to, that is up to you.
In fact, this will be good practice for you to develop your skills. A lot of
people keep diaries or journals and we know nothing about their contents. Maybe
you are afraid of being called a narcissist, but as long as you do not force
anyone to read your work, everything will be fine.

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