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My mom says sometimes that Jesus is coming back and how she can't save everyone. is Jesus coming back ? and why are Christians so obsessed with religion and not like the movies that are shown in theaters? and why do they assume most things are worldy?


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On the first point, don’t hold your breath, get on with living your best life  

On the second, Christians are not alone in obsessing over their religion, though we must realize that not all do. Don’t believe what you see in the movies (.....either).

Third, this isn’t an assumption. Most things of our experience are worldly.

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Well, neither your mom (nor anyone else currently on earth for that matter) can save everyone; and if everyone needed to be saved, there's a strong probability that mankind was saved as a race about 2000 years ago.

Is Jesus coming back?---well, I'd personally bet money on it, but I'm not sure I'll be around on earth to collect it, but I would probably know about it if what I believe reality to be turns out to be true.

"Obsess"---.preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.  Do Christians obsess over their religion?---Some do; some don't. I find obsession to be more more typically a human problem, not specifically a Christian one.

Why do they assume most things are worldly?  I'm 73 and I can guarantee that the vast majority of the things I've experienced in my life are "worldly" as opposed to "other worldly"; so at the first level of inference, I assume most new things I encounter will be worldly as opposed to requiring a spiritual explanation.

As to movies, most of the movies about religion seem to be set in biblical times.  Cultures, behavior, and humans all tend to change.

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I always learned that Jesus will come back when we least expect it to happen he will come back to take those who are saved and those who aren't will be left behind . But i always thought that life on Earth is Hell so when we die we automatically go to Heaven so this is hard to figure out i try not to obsess over religion just pray and try to live a good life that's all we can do. I would not go by what you see at the movie theaters . 😇🙏

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He ain't coming leave alone back. He couldn't possibly earn his stripes again without performing miracles. People are not interested in Jesus only in his miracles. On the other hand your mom would be first person to call the cops if somebody tells her he is jesus.

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