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The Yin and Yang family are leaving a large city in California and moving to a smaller town in Arizona. What change should this city girl expect to experience in a smaller town? (Positive changes please. I'm already having difficulty leaving. 😢)

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Less traffic! Slower pace also tends to make nicer people. If you are on Facebook, do a search of community pages where you are going. They can be a good source for info should you need to find a particular service. Most cities and towns have Fb pages as well. They can be hit or miss on how well they are run. Good ones keep it updated with special events, or if there traffic issue, and such.

Moving can be stressful,  but it can also be an adventure. If you want some moving tips message me.

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How small of a town. ?

I live near a rural village and they roll up the sidewalks at 9:00 pm. So if you need anything late night...learn to do without or drive 30 miles to the city where there's 24 hour goods and services.

On the nice side, it's quieter.  Neighbours are freaking nicer. It's darker at nite so you can see the stars.

Did I mention lulling-you - to - sleep -at - night crickets & frogs ?

Expect to see more wildlife.

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I don't think it's THAT small of a town. Lol! I know the Wal-Mart out there is 24 hrs so... pfew! I got lucky there! 😅 Thank you my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing some of those stars. I hope they have em! ☺
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Well i wish you all the best in moving , i do believe your going to see a smaller, slower pace in Arizona . I met a friend of the family and ran into him in Walmart and this is first time i saw him in over 40 some years he told me he loved Arizona but he came back to Pennsylvania to help take care of his older parents. He retired early age from teaching school to the Deaf .  I believe you need like 25 years than you can retire but he lives on his retirement back here plus money he's saved . He's age 56 , but he is good person he made a great career and his parents are awesome but i was happy to see his Mother and him and told them all i loved them . But in Arizona you will see a much better lifestyle . I think California's big city life can be rough on one . I do wish you the best :) :)  👍🙏😇

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I knew friends who lived in Charleroi Pennsylvania moved to State of California and they all lived a rough life and all died early life . I believe there is only like one member from the Family living there. The other ones are all deceased.
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I did not think of it that way! WOW! THAT could be a plus! I'm already on blood pressure medicine and more recently blood sugar medicine. I wonder how much is actually related to the stress of trying to make it work in a spot that don't wanna make it work for us. Lol! We were looking at rents starting in the 1,600's... apartments! Houses were going for 1,600-2,000+ With me not working outside the home, we just cant swing it anymore. Rents where we are going are 425-800 average is what I'm seeing! Gas will be a dollar at least cheaper per gallon to! Gosh, I wish I could bring my Church family, friends and parents with me though. 😔 This is tough. Thank you my friend for reminding me of my health as well. 🤗

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