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How often should I have my office cleaned?

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It really depends on how big your office is and what type of flooring and furnishings you have. If you have carpets, then I would suggest hovering a few times a week. For wooden and laminate flooring you may be OK to hoover and mop once a week. However, if your office is quite large, you may find that keeping up with the cleaning takes a long time. In this situation, it’s best to find a commercial cleaning company in your area.

When I first moved into my office I was trying to keep on top of the cleaning myself, but even cleaning and vacuuming once a week made it hard for me. Then I hired a company called Cedar Cleaning and Support Services Ltd that offers commercial cleaning in Kent. Since hiring them, my office has been much tidier and cleaner and I’ve not had to do more than tidy a little here and there.

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