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How much gas should a home AC have? What reading should the gauge show? Does anyone know of a specific website with this kind of info in detail?

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If your unit is experiencing freezing issues in the evaporator coils, then it may be that you have a leak. According to Temp technical, an air conditioning in Tonbridge HVAC firm, a below normal charge causes any present refrigerant to boil away at a low temperature, below freezing point, and shows up on the coils as frost.

The spec plate that is on your unit should clearly show how many OZ’s it takes. Do you plan to change the unit by yourself? Does your unit have any charging port? There is something called pressure-temperature relationship - take a look at the gauges, and you will see the bottom red reading. The refrigerant reaches that temperature at the corresponding pressure.

I used F22 freon, and charged my system slowly up until the pressure was at about 70 pounds, which well corresponds with the 40 degree temperature. This is just right and will cool the coil without freezing it. One trick I use is – check suction line from the coil back to your compressor, if it gets cool then you have charged your unit correctly. Be careful not to overcharge.

Please note that it is better to have your unit charged by a professional. Freon can cause permanent blindness. Check out this website for more info.

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