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Hey gang, we have another hurricane rolling toward us, so the Z clan are gonna refugee north for a while. Has anyone had an evacuation experience, and(or) where would you go if you had to, now?


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Willie B. good answered

I live less than a block from the beach, I would also evacuate to the north. Stay safe Don.

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Call me Z
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I’m a Salt Life kinda guy too.
Will you affected by Dorian?
Willie B. good
Willie B. good commented
Just a lot of rain
Yin And Yang
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The closest I ever got to real fear of an evacuation was that "Holy fire" California had last year. Except I felt trapped and helpless! I had no clue WHICH route we would have had to take cuz there was a fire burning in every direction it seemed like! I actually felt claustrophobic!
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Toni Pauze answered

Stay safe Z.

We get hit with the wind and rain sometimes. Once in 1994 one decided to sit on top of us for days everything was flooded out. Caskets came out of the ground. And living in the South you know what July is like heat wise. We were without running water for 21 days.  We went West.

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Skip Gentry answered

Keep safe Don. I’ve never been in that situation. 

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Yin And Yang answered

Wow! Is this something normal every year in Florida? I am so sorry you are going through this my friend. Many warm wishes are being sent your way. Please be safe and keep us posted.

P.s. I love your attitude about this. So in support for the Z clan, may I say... ROAD TRIP EVERYONE!!!!!!! I'll stay away from the food and bring the ice chest full of ice! 😅

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I've never been in that situation. The worst so far was going to the basement and hanging out until some high winds passed. Just in case trees come down on the house.

Stay safe Z.

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Don , hope things are okay your way and i don't what to do it Pennsylvania had to evacuate . Most likely stay it out in the basement cause we aren't used to having hurricanes ?

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Tom Jackson answered

Don't know how I missed seeing this post---I've been wondering what your situation is.

Latest track suggests it may turn northerly and not be too bad in the Naples area.

Stay well.

Closest I've been to an evacuation was when radar showed a real possibility that a tornado was zeroing in on our house about 12 years ago.

Took, the dogs and the important papers and left for a while.

Fortunately, the tornado never developed. 

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Tom  Jackson
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I'm in the DFW Metroplex, and just north of the city of Dallas itself.

The occasion I referred to was the only one that I felt the need to leave where I was to actually avoid a possible one.

Generally speaking, I would not consider the area to be tornado prone. We occasionally have tornado watches, but seldom warnings.
Call me Z
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I like Dallas. Nice area. Some beautiful homes out that way.
One of the nicer airports I’ve seen as well.
Tom  Jackson
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There is much to be said for the area.
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PJ Stein answered

I evacuated for Irma and considered to do so for this storm. Evacuating I stayed off the interstate and took secondary roads. Traffic moved much faster and there was gas at the gas stations. The bigger problem was getting home. Had to take the interstate because many secondary roads were not opened and had debris.

Thankfully Dorian seems to be moving east. I am just 3 miles from the east coast just north of Daytona. I am staying put, but told my husband next storm, windows are getting boarded much earlier and we are leaving.

I helped my brother board my mom's house 2 days ago. Tried to board my mother-in-law's house yesterday during a thunderstorm. Boarded my house today. I am toast.

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Toni Pauze
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I think you are going to get a lot of rain Gator. Stay safe
Yin And Yang
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My heart goes out to you my friend! 💕
Call me Z
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Hurricane Irma literally passed right over our town, we lost a lot of landscaping, had to clean the pool and there was some water in the house, but the cleanup overall wasn’t too bad.

Stay safe, PJ. We both know these storms are no joke.

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