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Is it okay to give gifts when meeting with business partners from the Middle East?


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It's never okay to give gifts.

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Gift giving is linked to establishing trust so there’s nothing wrong with giving gifts when you’re visiting business partners in the Middle East. However, there are plenty of cultural facts and information that are linked to gift giving and it’s important that you know these things.

First, you have to wrap the gift. And don’t just use any wrapping paper. Make sure you wrap your present in green paper. Green is a very significant color in Muslim nations. It is said to be the favorite color of the Islamic prophet Mohammed and this explains why mosques at night are made bright by green lights. Don’t forget this when wrapping your present because you’ll never know. Sometimes, it really boils down to the smallest details.

Second, you have to be ready when giving and/or accepting a gift. Use your right hand when giving and accepting a gift. That’s because in Middle East nations, people usually regard the left had as unclean.

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