Willie B. good

What is something that is really popular now, but in 10 years everyone will look back and be embarrassed by?


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Crazy colors in their hair

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Darren Wolfgang
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Yes with Mark Zucherberg getting all them lawsuits placed against him for privacy breaches on Facebook . I will be surprise if he lasts for 10 more years . I bet someday someone will buy him out or he will file for bankruptcy and someone will take over and change Facebook website name.
Tom  Jackson
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Yep---reckon so.
Don Barzini
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Facebook is a den of evil, a playground for predators, idiots and scam artists, and a distraction to better pursuits.
The time will come when more people will be ashamed of what they have done there than not, IMO.
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The way these young "adults" act! They think its popular now but in ten years when they have seen what it's like in the real world... All their attitudes and "triggered" safe spaces will be obsolete when reality hits them hard.

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I think lot of cell phones and internet within 10 years will phase out and other Companies will buy them out ..Like DirecTV , Dish Network might merge and buy out Comcast or they could be resellers for Comcast services and offer much cheaper rates on services.

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Trump as president...?

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Willie B. good
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That man is an embarrassment to the United States.
Don Barzini
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Might not take that long. Halfway there already if polls are to be believed.
Darren Wolfgang
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It's not the issue he is Republican cause trust me if there was a good Republican i would support them but the fact is what he did to the Republican party is disgrace and yet over 80 % still support him i don't know what to think or what to say ?

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