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Silly question my friends but... does anyone know where bees go at night?


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I guess they go in there bee hive.

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The places bees sleep at night depends on the role they play within the hive. For instance, the older bees responsible for foraging sleep towards the edge of the nest. They are often the last to come into the hive at night and the first to leave again the next day.


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That is so interesting! Thank you my friend! I was wondering because my mom has hummingbird feeders and the bees LOVE them! This week there are so many of them hanging around her feeders it's made me nervous but it seems as soon as it gets cooler or the sun goes down, the bees disappear. It made me wonder where they go. It's like they "fight" over the feeder, then bam they are gone! It makes since they would go to their hive. I haven't seen one around my mom's house but I'm sure they are clever creatures. 😆
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You're welcome Yin :)

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