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Who is most accurate? Jeanne Dixon or Nostradamus? Do you believe in any of that stuff?


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Don Barzini answered

Nostradamus is typically so ambiguous in his predictions, a given quatrain may have been applied to any number of historical events. 

Given the pliability of the cryptic language Nostradamus uses, I don’t believe his accuracy is much better than random chance.

To me, Jeanne Dixon was little more than a luckier-than-average crackpot. Horoscopes and such. Imagine if she could have plied her trade in the Age of Social Media.

I’ve heard she predicted 2020 will see the biblical ‘end of the world’. I got $50 she’s wrong. We’ll see which one of us is correct.

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Yin And Yang answered

I never heard of either but I am so happy this is not one of "lube anus'" questions! I HAD to answer and support you my friend! 🤗

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