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What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?


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It wasn't someone... It was me. I convinced myself for years that I killed my sister by "praying wrong." 😔

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Yin And Yang
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Thank you my friend. 😊
The first time someone asked me to pray for them, I almost ran out the door! 😅 Had the prayer request been for health or a healing I would have run away! 😶 But it was a prayer request for her son to find a job. Lol! I figured he was pretty safe if I prayed for him. 😉
Tom  Jackson
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CS Lewis in his writings (especially in the Chronicles of Narnia) comments that God knows what we need and provides what it---but that God still likes to be "asked."
Yin And Yang
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I am gonna have to read his books. 🤗 Thank you dearly my friend. 😊

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