What are the causes of math anxiety and how can students overcome it?


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Any anxiety is self created. Doesn't have to do with math.

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they should talk to a school counselor about this.

they should get a tutor to help them work on math.

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I wouldn't know. Never had it. Math is the one subject where there is an answer. I like that about it.

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Math anxiety is a term used to describe the anxious or pressured state when a person is in a situation where there is a need to exercise one’s mathematical ability.

One common cause of math anxiety is the pressure brought about by timed exercises and tasks which are often linked to feeling emotions like disappointment and embarrassment. This is true especially in a classroom setting where a student always has this thinking that everyone else is smarter and can solve math problems faster.

A change in the classroom setup could be one solution but this doesn’t always solve the problem. Another great way to help a student overcome math anxiety is to seek help from a private tutor who will not just allow the student to study at their own pace but will also impart helpful study tips the student can use. A private tutor can help boost the student’s confidence as well. Sometimes, the student might find it scary to raise his/her questions in class but that’s not a problem with a private tutor who will not just serve as an educator but also a friend. Learn more about a private math tutor by visiting

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