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What are your gas prices lately?


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Yin And Yang answered

Arizona we have $2.66 at Chevron.

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Ray Dart answered

Here in the UK the equivalent price is $5.17 per gallon. (That's correcting for the larger UK gallons and assuming an exchange rate of 1.31 dollars to a pound).

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PJ Stein answered

The gas station I passed yesterday had it at $2.34 a gallon. Speedweeks started this weekend, so I suspect the prices will increase by at least 5 cents.

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Ancient One answered

Wow I am amazed at the differences in prices. I live in one state but  just 6 miles away across in another state the price of regular runs about 40 cents cheaper. It is due to two things State taxes and the Station owners' greed. Last Friday the difference was 42 cents a gallon. My state was $2.61 and the other was $2.21

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Mountain Man answered

I filled up yesterday and the price posted was $2.64 per gallon. I got it for $2.61 since I'm a rewards member.

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