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Do you believe in the Paranormal? if so have you ever had a paranormal experience and what was it?


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I had an unexplainable incident happen before. I was trying to get in the house but the door was stuck. I heard the door handle jiggling trying to open for me so I told my mom to pull really hard cuz the door was sticking lately. When she didn't respond I called out to her that I would just go around to the back and come in that way. So I did. When I came in to tell her we really need to get that door fixed cuz it could be dangerous if we had a fire or something, I realized... My mom was asleep in her room! When I confronted my husband about it he responded, "Oh you're home! I didn't hear you come in." Cuz he had his head phones for his Xbox on!

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To me, “paranormal” is just an impressive sounding term for something we don’t fully understand. It is more about the perception of the participant than about the occurrence in question.
What is normal? That which is readily accepted, or common.
Anything that falls outside this rather general definition can be slapped with the label, “para-normal”. So, in that sense, yes, I believe people have experiences they can’t effectively explain. 

In the sense of a condition that defies the physical laws of the universe, like miracles and magic, demons, divinity and what have you, no, I don’t. Unexplained phenomena is simply that, misunderstood; lacking explanation in the light of incorrect or insufficient data. 

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I have some stories to tell, but like the Z, I prefer to consider them "unexplained", rather than paranormal. I also remember the phrase "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Not quite the same thing, but indicates the limits of our ability to explain things.

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