PJ Stein
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It will be less than if you were going to buy it without a lease, but it will not be as little as the price minus tge lease cost. To get a specific answer look at your lease contract, or call your dealer.

Yin And Yang
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I don't know if this helps but I worked with a girl who dated a guy whom the people of the movie Fast and Furious wanted to use his car in one of the scenes. They paid him big money for it because it was one they crashed. (I don't know how accurate the story … Read more

Maurice Korvo
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The cars they blow up are not the cars they drove up in, but normally just a shell (plenty in the junk yard) painted to look good. I watched Myth Busters, and they had a good show on this. (The myth busters love blowing things up, and are former stunt men).

The cars that crash … Read more

carlos Striker
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It is not the same, uninsured driver shouldn't one road to start with. He has to bear not only his own expenses but also subject to penalisation, albeit it is somebody else's fault.  Wrecker has to pay for the other person's damage.

Toni Pauze
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After does not count!

That's like locking the barn door after the animals got out.

I'm pretty sure you will get a ticket for lack of insurance and the fine is pretty stiff. Other things could happen too. You should be responsible for all damages to other vehicles.

John Richter
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I've been building Mustangs since about 1978, first the 60's and 70's models, then Fox bodies...never cared for the 4th gen cars (94-04) but I came back into the fold with the '05 and later 5th gen cars, which ran until 2014. I have owned a couple of dozen Mustangs over the last 40 … Read more
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Most use planes, because they're cheaper.  It's also easier to find pilots.    Some recreational jumpers use helicopters, but it's rare.

In the military, the Army and Air Force have jumpers go out of Blackhawks.  The Navy uses Sea Knights.  Planes are more common for them though too.