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I have been thinking about the answer for that crossword for the longest time! And you'd think that after years of experience in the car finance and automotive industry, I would know better! In any case, if you're looking for the answer on how a car works, I suggest that you get onto YouTube and … Read more

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To carry my gear. To house my car stereo. To go further than walking distance without tiring. To get there today. Because so many jobs are dependent on cars. Because riding the bus sucks. Because I can't get there by boat. Because flying carpets are a myth. Because teleportation isn't a thing, yet. 

I hope that … Read more

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There are certain cars which are specifically built to be better tuned to particular types of fuel. That's why some cars are specifically called diesel cars. I mean if you're going to buy a car that's a hybrid, you're going to have to learn how to manage the balance of the 2 different energy sources. … Read more

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It is interesting to learn of new things every single day. I have only seen 2 stacks of cars being transported but on land, on the road, perhaps from a storage facility to a dealership. However, I have never thought of how they might be stacked when on ships. I guess it is the same … Read more

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Hi Anonymous - if the car is not already LPG capable it will need an LPG conversion.  It is a pretty straight forward procedure and can be done by specialist mechanics.

After the works are complete your car can have the option of running on LPG or whatever fuel it used to use beforehand.

Hope that helps.

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Turning the rotors, resurfacing the rotors, and machining the rotors are all the same thing. It puts a new surface on the rotors by taking the metal off with a brake lathe. You should always resurface the rotors or replace them when doing the brake pads. Even if the rotors are not grooved they will … Read more