Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered HappyTo BeHereTo's question

Tried on a puffer coat in a shop. Decided I didn't like it as I looked like the Michelin man. Then to my horror the zip was stuck. Spent an hour in that coat walking up and down trying to jiggle the zip while the security guard gave me funny looks. Eventually, with sweat dripping … Read more

Janis Haskell
Janis Haskell answered HappyTo BeHereTo's question

I had a close call 36 years ago. The morning we had our baby dedicated at church, I was wearing a half-slip that I had worn throughout my pregnancy.  When I got home twenty minutes later, it fell down around my ankles as soon as I walked in the front door. :)

Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang answered HappyTo BeHereTo's question

Lol! I just recalled a story but it's of my Yang! All well I think this story counts anyways! Lololololololololol!

So we had just started attending our Church and one of the families invited everyone over to the park for their daughters birthday. Someone happened to have a pig skin in the back of their trunk … Read more

Didge Doo
Didge Doo answered HappyTo BeHereTo's question

No, but there's one funny story I'll never forget.

When I was training for triathlon I used to run 6 or 7 km at lunch time with a stop-over at the pool to swim a few laps. One day, as I was putting my shoes on to run back to work, a group of joggers … Read more

Levi F.
Levi F. answered HappyTo BeHereTo's question

Not anything big. I mean, I've left my fly unzipped, but who hasn't?

Although there was one time when I was wearing skinny jeans and they were so tight that they pulled down the back of my underwear a bit and I know a part of my ass was showing (found out later)--I'm still not … Read more