Catherine Howard
Catherine Howard answered

This depends on what you are asking.  If you simply want the value of the silver in the coin than whatever is the going rate for scrap silver.  This is determined by the scrap metal market which is pretty much international. 

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Tim Cook
Tim Cook answered beverly linville's question

You don't mention whether your copy is an original or reproduction and obviously the latter is going to be worth much less. 

If you are unsure with your painting is a copy, you can check on the official Robert Wood website

A good quality large framed reproduction Robert Wood painting could … Read more
Tim Cook
Tim Cook answered

The highest valuation I've seen for a NM+ copy of Marvel's 'What If...' #1 is from Overstreet, the regularly published comics book value guide, which values this at $68.00.

 As is always the case with comic book collecting however, the value of a comic isn't necessarily the price you would be able to sell it at.

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Tim Cook
Tim Cook answered nolan ryan's question

I think you could probably expect to earn around $50 for gold foil Nolan Ryan and Mickey Mantle baseball cards.

As with any sports card collecting, the value of an item can vary both year-on-year, and on how needy the buyer is to own a card.... so there's a chance you could make even more money!

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Beth Leivers
Beth Leivers answered

Miniature coins can vary in price, but they are not typically a high value item. They can still be easily obtained from novelty shops for about $6.

Some people do collect miniature coins, and one day as they become less common, they may be worth something more significant. However, their … Read more

Phil Newton
Phil Newton answered Anonymous' question

The answer to what a 1912 Irving Lewis (Boston-NL) tobacco card is worth is quite simply; "it depends".  I'll explain why this is in greater detail below.

Original 1912 Lewis tobacco card versus reprints

An original 1912 Lewis tobacco card is potentially worth a large amount of money in today's market.  It's … Read more

Elica Zadeh
Elica Zadeh answered Anonymous' question


In answer to your question, it first depends on the condition of the coin. In evaluating your coin, the following degrees will be used to measure it's worth.

  • Fine (F): This is generally quite worn out, but the coin itself is intelligible. This would receive the lowest possible value.
  • Very Fine (VF): The detail is still … Read more
Phil Newton
Phil Newton answered

In the United Kingdom, a Millennium Beanie Baby is worth approximately £5 on auctions sites such as eBay.  US listings have them available to buy for up to $1000, although these don't actually sell.

Collectable Beanie Babies

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Lynn Blakeman
Lynn Blakeman answered Anonymous' question

You need to get this properly valued! I don't want to get your hopes up for something I am not an expert in, however, I think your Lewis Boston Nat card is worth between $2000 and $4000.

Does your card look like this one:

Irving Lewis Supposedly played for the Boston Braves (known as the … Read more