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Cordless and Wireless are the same. But corded/connected mouses should work better, because it's a direct connection between the PC and mouse. Wireless mouses need their own battery and sometimes the wireless connections get messed up (depending on interference). If you want the best mouse, look at Logitech's Gaming Laser Mouse (or something to that … Read more

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The issue of printers not able to print a particular ink color may arise due to a number of reasons. Here I will discuss a detailed description of how to resolve the issue of “Brother Printer MFC 255CW Black ink won't print”. Follow the given instructions carefully.

  1. First, disconnect your printer from the power source.
  2. Now Open … Read more
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Do you know why you’re getting junk mail? Are you signing up for stuff using that email and the companies are sharing your info? Create a separate account for that.

I’ve had someone online deliberately sign me up for junk mail. It was kinda creepy and pretty annoying. I just kept reporting spam/sending to junk, … Read more

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There are several recovery software to solve this problem. Recuva is always my first choice, but its preview is not very good. Here you could also try RePicvid Free Photo Recovery (for photo/video/audio files), which offers free scanning and allows you to preview files.

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Accounting is the lifeline of a business. Accounting deals with summarizing, analyzing and reporting the financial data and information about a business. An accounting software records and processes the accounting transactions of a business within its functional modules. Financial statements consisting of the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and statement of changes in financial … Read more