Arthur Wright
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Second hand smoke doesn't help if youre around someone who is smoking it.  Sharing needles can do it and even some meds reacting in the body can cause a positive result although this is extremely rare but request a second test here along with blood test

AnnNettie Paradise
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I read that excessive amounts of alcohol deprive the brain of oxygen; vital bodily functions can begin to shut down. Symptoms may include vomiting, unconsciousness, and slow or irregular breathing. In some cases death can result.

Not Online Anymore
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Urine substitutes don't work, and will actually get you in more trouble. Simple testing can determine whether it's real or not. They also check the temperature to make sure it's a fresh sample. Some testers are require you empty all your pockets before a sample is given and some require a proctor to stand nearby … Read more

John McCann
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Norco is an opioid so it should be out of your system by now. 72 hours is about the flush time.

You seem to have a bigger problem. You did not say you had a prescription for this narcotic and I assume you do not if you are worried about the drug test. 5Read more

Arthur Wright
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I really hate to tell you this but with modern day testing methods for drugs, these tests can actually detect drug usage for up to 6 months after the last usage. So I seriously doubt you'll pass. 

Might as well be honest here as they'll know anyhow and water really doesn't help except keep you hydrated. … Read more

Rooster Cogburn
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That's kind of 50/50 there. It stays in your hair a lot longer than your urine. If you've been in a room where others have been smoking, you'll test positive from that. Don't think you'll pass but the best thing to do is not smoke it if you have to have these tests for work … Read more

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I can see this question!

But to be more specific, the feeds that you see are based on a couple of things:

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But if you're just interested in seeing your own questions, head on over … Read more

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I hate to break it to you, but ingesting baking soda doesn't make any difference on a drug test. It will make you vomit though...

Sara Lewis
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There is a good chance you will pass this THC test, as four days is often long enough to detox. However it's impossible to be certain...

How long THC remains in the body depends on lots of different factors, and there is no way to say with a 100% certainty either way, but I can give … Read more