dragonfly forty-six
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Yeah, I think it will be. If they lose maybe not. I hope either way he retires. He should go out on top. Watching Kobe Bryant go out the way he is reminds me that you should always go out on top. I'm not remembering what Kobe accomplished, I'm thinking he's going out a sad … Read more

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins answered

When I left the army I played for Sheffield Wednesday,York,crystal palace, Watford, Torquay, Norwich, Rochdale where I became not only the youngest manager in the football league at that time aged 34 but the 1st black manager in the English football league, I then joined Alan Dicks as assistant manager at Bristol City, then I … Read more

Yo Kass
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The manager's passion didn't seem to do them much good as they lost to Crystal Palace today.

I have mixed feelings about Klopp at Liverpool. I thought he was a great manager at Borussia Dortmund, but I have a strong dislike for Liverpool unfortunately, so now I don't know if I want him to do … Read more

Yo Kass
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Can't find too many videos that beat this record, but I did find an article about a guy who scored 16 times in the same game... http://www.foxsportspulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?client=1-10998-0-0-0&sID=356142&&news_task=DETAIL&articleID=35250346

As you can see, he looks pretty happy about it:

Yo Kass
Yo Kass answered

I would recommend trying to contact either a coach, student, PE teacher or any other teacher from the school you're interested in playing against first, and seeing if they will give you any info.

You could also try writing to the school or emailing them through official channels, although it may take longer to get a … Read more

Yo Kass
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Looks like there's a typo in your question... It says Norwich City instead of Arsenal.

As a Norwich resident, I do hope they do well in all but two of their fixtures this season though.

As for Norwich City players, I think Nathan Redmond looked lively and exciting to watch last season. Let's hope he keeps … Read more

Geoff  Hughes
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Cool question mate! I am not a Chelsea supporter, but from what I have seen the previous season from Jose Maurinho's team and from what his nearest rivals showed, I believe it will be another year of blue domination in the Premier League and another cup in the collection of the Portugal coach. 

I don't … Read more

Kathryn Amis
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I have to put up a little defence here for soccer - or football as we call it here in the UK.

My favourite football team is Norwich City - known as the Canaries. They play in yellow and green.

They've just been promoted to the English Premier League following an exciting play-off final … Read more