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Individuals should consult with their physician before adopting any exercise or diet regimen.

To lose weight, some have tried these tips:

1. Be aware of the calories in what you are eating and drinking. Note: Drinks can be a major source of calories, especially sweetened juices. Alcoholic drinks are also high in calories. And beware of those … Read more

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Hello there. This is the question I asked myself a few years ago after the death of an uncle who suffered from a heart disease. The decision was not hard to take at all as it was either shortening my days on Earth or living healthily without smoking. Right now, it has been five years … Read more

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Go on a 15 minute walking program that could help you out.. I was given this advice from a Christian fitness instructor that's the only way your going to be able to make things work for you. Best Wishes

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Cancer is the leading disease all over the world. All those medical science have made great progress in the biology of cancer cells, and they have already been able to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. But instead of just waiting for a new discovery for cancer prevention, you can do a lot to … Read more

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This will mainly depend on your mental situation, most of these cases are result of wrong thinking and less confidence about performance. There are many ways to control it, you can try exercises and various techniques to delay it. 
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1) yes, buy new underwear to start with.

2) sounds like it might be a behind-problem, and there’s stick-on pads for that so you don’t get anything on your underwear. You just toss them every few hours, put a new one on.

3) if it’s not that, get a bidet attachment so you can clean yourself … Read more