Peter Wallach
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Acquiring 20th Century Furniture for Your Residence

Till the 19th century, furnishings for houses was conventional as well as usually luxuriant. The high quality of furnishings was usually established by what does it cost? Time it considered the craftsmen making it. It goes without saying, this made the entire procedure of furnishings finding … Read more

Joyce Hall
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The ' good old days ' when

You could leave your door unlocked at night.

When you could let your child outside and NOT be terrified.

When kids didn't need to b supervised and could go trick or treating alone.

When inflation hadn't hit and u could buy a GLASS bottle of soda for a dime. And a candy … Read more

Toni Pauze
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Neighborhood schools, we walked everywhere unafraid.

No air conditioning we had windows and doors open to have what little breeze there was.

Went to bed at night with doors open.

Not afraid to be out after dark.

Kids played outside they knew when it was time to go home, you could hear your mom calling.

You knew everyone on your … Read more

Michael Poland
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Our world was almost destroyed because of hate and

mistrust. To save life everywhere we had to construct receptacles,

to store life in. Everyone will always help with this on going process.

Now I have a problem getting information to you, I am getting older.

I have made a very close friend who is a writer who just had … Read more

Smita Koli
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I pity both of you and your knowledge. Instead of commenting something rubbish like this and misguiding others, update your knowledge and type something sensible. Every book has his death mentioned as a natural cause or a poison. Grow up and read a bit folks.

PJ Stein
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I don't think there is ever really one moment that can that effect a major change. Most historical events are based on a series of moments and general principles. Talking to one person would change little in the grand scheme of things.

On a personal note I think I would have talked to both my … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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I would go back and talk to Constantine.
Stop the Council of Nicea from deciding on "one god" ... And change it to endorsing religious freedom and tolerance.

Maybe ... Just maybe ... That would have stopped hundreds of years of religious persecution and wars.