Dumb Goat
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"Conspiracy theory" is actually a derogatory term. It is used to describe thoughts that are made about something, usually surrounding an event or organization, that is unwarrented or lacks logical evidence, and that the thing they believe is happening is illegal or is malevolent. "Conspiracy" is often used as a shortened form of "conspiracy theory," … Read more

Ancient One
Ancient One answered Leanne Robbins' question

Early on I was totally fascinated with space travel. When I watched the moon landing on TV though the transmission was delayed due to distance I was ready to go. Science fiction had become reality. Over the years as I learned more and more of the side effects of space travel on the human body … Read more

Call me Z
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Most European monarchs had their own ships, whose size and opulence were a statement of power and prestige. Living on an island, sailing was the only method for English royalty to interact with other nobility. Crossing the channel to and from France was something of a banality at that time. 

It would be fair to say … Read more

Pepper pot
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The way the banking system works, they should be arrested for theft. If we don't end it then we will remain debt slaves forever, as the way it is run debt can only increase. They are also looking to end money (IOU's), and therefore everything we do will be monitored by a computer system, this … Read more

Call me Z
Call me Z answered Toxic Hairball's question

I would endeavor to put an end to all doubt about the oncoming threat of the changing climate and the degradation of the environment. Like they say in AA, the first step is admitting the problem.

It took millenia for our kind to accept the earth isn't flat and centuries to agree it revolves around … Read more