Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance answered Ethan Hawke's question

There many ways to make this happen. It depends on your available equipment and budget.

I'll represent one of the possible ways.

1.Adjust tick wall frames toward the wall. (it could be anything like library bookcases)

2.Adjust dry walls onto them.

3.Most walls usually have one row of studs, you can create two row of studs … Read more

Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright answered

Yes it is quite possible but before you dish out some big bucks for a new carb, try running some high octane fuel or a real good carb cleaner thru it as if you use cheap gas, carbon and sludge build up and keep a carb from working correctly so try this first and hopefully … Read more

Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright answered Anonymous' question

Either take a mechanics course specializing in Motorcycles or work as an Apprentice in a Motorcycle repair shop or learn on your own if youre mechanically inclined and are good with your  hands and tools/  Most High School Trade  classes  may offer a class in this but a good Trade School is your best bet … Read more

Maurice Korvo
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I am not familiar with that car and model, but it probably has an electric fan for the radiator.  Could be a problem with the fan starting.

Rooster Cogburn
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If you look online, there are quite a few aftermarket parts companies that may be able to help you. I just saw your headlights advertised at a bunch of places. Here's one to start with. Just put your info in a search engine and you'll find many !

Infiniti I30 Lights - BestRead more

Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright answered Corey The Goofyhawk's question

I would say it sounds like your transmission needs a tune up or may be low on fluid thus the gears are "loose" and doesn't shift quite right so get it checked while its a small thing before it becomes a large expensive project. The car is 8 years old so things will go wrong … Read more

Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn answered Corey The Goofyhawk's question

Depends on the "shake" you're describing. If it's in the whole car or front end, then it's something to do with the drive train. If it's more like a sputter and loss of power, then it's either fuel related or electronic, like wires maybe. Hard to say from your description. Sounds like it's missing and … Read more

Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn answered tim watts' question

Depends on how old the battery is and why you had to recharge it. If it's been going dead and you're recharging it frequently, then it's time for a new battery. A fully charged battery will usually hold a charge for quite a while depending on it's age. If it's in the car you mentioned, … Read more

Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright answered

Yes, the transmission isn't totally frozen up so its probably the vacuum modulator needs to be replaces and a good rebuild kit wouldn't hurt here at ll.  I found out years ago that if you have a Technical School around you that teaches Auto Mechanics that you can take your car to them to be … Read more

Corey The Goofyhawk
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I have yet to upgrade to Windows 10, however, my Windows 8.1 laptop does have two graphics cards, an integrated Intel card and a NVidia Geforce card. When playing my favorite game, DayZ, I have to be sure that the game is set to specifically use the NVidia card, otherwise, my average 50-60 FPS in … Read more