ly fen chen
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I just went to US last year, and they gave me only 3 months for staying there. Normally for tourism or for visiting family they just allow for 3 months. But you can go to internet to the US's site, you 'll know how much time you should have on your passport for travelling there. … Read more

Sara Lewis
Sara Lewis answered

If you have been in the UK for five years already, there are probably a few different options open to you in terms of staying indefinitely. 

It is usually easier to secure a visa if you have been here for a long period of time already.

Have you checked out the Immigration section on the … Read more

Lynn Blakeman
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I think it would be a good idea to get the advice of an attorney on this one because there is conflicting information, some good, some not so good.

The bad side is that as your boyfriend has overstayed his visa, he could be subject to a ten year ban from the US. However, there … Read more
Chloe Corkhill
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When an application for any visa is rejected, including your Belgium spouse visa, the first thing you should do is return to the body with which you made the original application.

It's difficult for anyone to know exactly why your application case ended in this way, but the important thing to remember is … Read more

Elica Zadeh
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In order to answer your question about your Moroccan friend visiting you in the USA, you will need you to provide a little more detail: 

First of all, how long does your friend intend to stay? 90 days is generally the maximum time for foreign citizens to remain in the U.S.

Generally speaking, … Read more

Yo Kass
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You'll need to apply for a visa to enter Turkey if you're a Philippines national. You can do so from a Turkish diplomatic mission, such as the consulate or embassy.

Only 90 countries have visa-free entrance to Turkey for a full 90 days.

A handful of countries have visa-free access, but can stay for less … Read more