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Vitamin B12 injections definitely helped my husband's psoriasis, but there are mixed opinions about it in the medical community.  He also got some relief using pine tar soap and shampoo.  Good luck to you!

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I heard witch hazel might help. Avoid touching the area with fingers so bacteria isn't introduced.  ( thaf includes cell phones )

Love and Harmony
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I heard, if it's just a reaction due to sensitive skin, a way to deal with it would be get your skin used to it. Stick to threading and get it done every 2 - 4 weeks. If you wait 6 weeks, the process starts again. If anyone knows if this is true or not, … Read more

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Call your vet and explain what the issue is. They will want to know if you have changed your dog's diet or exercise recently. Is the dog eating something he shouldn't? Is your dog anxious (because of the fireworks being set off in your neighborhood)? Any other stressors? When in doubt, for your pet's safety … Read more

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Blend together a mix of hand cream and Polysporin. Wash hands, lightly dry and lather on that mix. Wear some cotton gloves . Do all this before going to bed.

You can reapply this mix lightly during the day after washing hands.

Avoid strong cleaning chemicals. If you do use chemicals, wear rubber gloves.

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Make sure you're not washing your face so much. Also, chlorine from the pool can dry your face out. Before you wash your face, wash your hands really well with dish soap or something equivalent to get all oil and grease off of your hands and fingers. Otherwise, that's going into your pores. When done … Read more

LinNawt DaBrainz
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Honey can help get rid of the blackheads. Also, I've heard toothpaste works well too.

As for the dry skin, I would try drinking more water, especially if it's dry around the mouth and nose. You can also try steaming your face by taking a hot shower or using the sink. This opens your pores and … Read more

Nealious James
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Hello! This is not complicated as you will find so many good products out there. If your skin condition is severe, I suggest that you consult a dermatologist. Otherwise, you can simply buy yourself a Quinoderm 5 face wash. Use it two or three times daily and it will drastically reduce the production of oil.