Nealious James
Nealious James answered Kendall F. Person's question

Hello! I suppose that you will have to teach them both! However, knowing how to play is the basic and you will have to show the person all the simple things to get started. Once he/she has mastered the gameplay and in-game features, you can then give them tips on how to win. All the … Read more

Nathan Lane
Nathan Lane answered

Stick to the basics, get experience playing and begin to learn how to read other players. Get confident in when to play and when not to play certain hands. Best of luck!

Nealious James
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Hello Amber! I will have to admit that something like this did happen! However, I did not really call in sick to play games, I just happened to feel unwell and since I had my favourite platformer and several other titles to finish, I ended up playing for hours. I had a … Read more

Darik Majoren
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That's like asking if it's okay to use one window cleaner instead of another one . . . Really? You can't answer this yourself?

Both are games designed to:

  1. First create revenue for their business
  2. Second make an appealing game for their users . . .
  3. . . . To create brand loyalty . . . … Read more
Yin And Yang
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I always agree with Happy and you should take her advice..... Because my advice will be wrong. Lol! I am faithful to a fault and there will NEVER be another Pikachu! I am loyal to Pokemon.