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"au" it's a preposition of place, it depends on the context, so it can means : At, and to.

Example : Je vais au cinéma ce soir. = I am going to cinema tonight. And J'arrive au marché très tard = I arrive at the market very late.

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"La" can be a pronoun and an article as "the" but is female, as in French there are female and male article.

Example : J'aime bien la rose que tu me l'as offerte. = I like the rose which you offered to me. So the word "la" in this sentence, it can either be an article … Read more

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The most common I have heard is

  恭喜发财 gōng xǐ fā cái

Which is a wish of a prosperous coming year. This is very common in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but I heard that it was frowned upon by the communists on the mainland, since it is a wish that does not align very well with … Read more