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Not a lot.

I know that although chotomate kudasai  is a very polite way to ask somebody to wait a moment, choto-bloody-mate works just as well. And it's faster.

I know that if you can't pronounce do itashimashite, "don't touch my ashtray" will get the message across.  And "Monday night" is a fair substitute for mondai nai, … Read more

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I had a massive one when I first went to Vietnam. All the different dialects of the people there. Then when our unit went to Laos and Cambodia ! Then finally to Thailand. We all learned the basics of the language but could never quite get the sing song dialects down. After a couple of … Read more

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It means that you've missed out on a joke because you didn't have the necessary knowledge to realise that it was funny.

One of my friends, a doctor at a Sydney hospital, saw that a patient had been re-admitted for the third time suffering the same life-threatening symptoms. Each previous time he had been treated and … Read more

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Psychobabble could be applied to the " theories " of a great deal of psychology.

Just babbling non-explanations of phenomenon  that are not supported by any evidence provided by a scientific method.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is considered psychobabble by scientists because Maslow just made this concept up out of his anecdotal observations.


One of the … Read more

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From Merriam-Webster:

: Language that is used by people who talk about mental and emotional problems and that is seen as silly or meaningless : Psychological jargon.

This site has some definitions.

Urban Dictionary: Psychobabble


Alex Beierle
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"Doko" means where.  "Desu" is a state of being, for example: Is, am, are, ect.  "Ka" turns it into a question.  "Toire wa doko desu ka" would literally mean "toilet where is?" But is used to mean "where is the toilet?".

This is because Japanese sentence structure is subject object verb unlike in English where it's … Read more

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You can say "excellent" by saying Yōuxiù (优秀) in standard mandarin (Chinese) and it sounds like 'yo sio' in English.

You can also just use the short form Yōu (优) to express excellent.  Also,  niú (牛) literally means "cow" but you can use it to mean "cool, awesome, excellent".

Another colloquial or informal way … Read more

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I actually found several definitions for the word Pootsie. One, strangely, is a girl's name! I honestly have never heard that one used, and I would hope that mothers all over the world avoid that one!

Other meanings are as follows:

  1. A nickname (nice/cute term) for someone who is smart and does well at school. … Read more
Victoria Picking
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The translation of the English phrase 'God bless you', to Hawaiian, is as follows:

- God: Ke Akua

- Bless: Ho'omaika'i

- You: Oe

So altogether the passage would read 'Ke Akua Ho'omaika'i Oe'

Although this is the literal translation of the text, sometimes the shortening of 'ola' is used in a circumstance such as after someone sneezes. … Read more

Victoria Picking
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Arabic is a difficult language to translate, as not only does the language have a male and female version, but it also now uses classic language and slang versions.

The slang version is what is mainly used in everyday conversation, such as if you were taking to a friend or someone that you know … Read more

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Tagalog's official name is actually Filipino, and the phrase 'Kiss me I'm hot' in Tagalog is said as follows: 

Kiss: Halik

Me: Sa akin

I: Ako

Am: Am

Hot: Mainit

The language of Tagalog is spoken only by a quarter of the population of the Philippines as their first language. But most of the population have it as … Read more

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If you are looking for a Hindi version of a question and answer website like Blurtit, the closest I could find is italki.com/questions/hindi, although there seems to be a lot of English users there as well. Why not join up and ask around?

The lack of a Hindi Q&A site is … Read more