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I use facebook to keep in contact with family and friends and I use twitter, and google+  to communicate with bloggers and internet marketer's. Google+ has some really nice communities and I have met some amazing bloggers. I find that Google+ has more people on there that cater to my interests.

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Twitter, because it is so accessible whether I am on the go or in the office.

Although I would love to use Google+ more. There is just something about the Google+ platform and its intricacies. Untapped and relatively uncrowded...

Twitter definitely requires good "crowd management", Twitter Lists & Hootsuite, to use it effectively.

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1. Focussing on the product and not the solution it provides

Often startups are so consumed with the product they are building that they forget that it is only useful if it solves an end users problem.

2. Functionality for the sake of it

Too many features from day one means you never get to launch. MVP … Read more