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Your concern should be to lose fat and if anything do some resistance training  to put on muscle. You don't want to lose weight that is muscle. Exercise to burn calories is OK but to lose the weight does not require it at all & in fact the amount of calories burned during exercise  is … Read more

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I just think it a bit screwy that people don't research things and instead buy into gimmicks.

An example is ab machines, they do nothing at all to develop the look they display in the commercials, abs are made in the kitchen. The fat on top of your abs if it were not there would in … Read more

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I had a girlfriend when I was 17, she was 15.

Her mom got her birth control pills , we both grew up just fine & have no regrets at all.

I loved her very much, that was back in the 70's

people in the US are much too concerned with sex while in the meantime the … Read more

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That is a penguin, usually called "Tux" (for the Tuxedo they are supposed to appear to be wearing.

Mandriva (used to be Mandrake) dress their penguin in a Tuxedo to look like Mandrake the magician, and Gentoo even name their distribution after a species of Penguin.

The original idea came from Linus Torvalds, the prime … Read more