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Smallworlds is my favourite game :) So i will gladly help you. I'm happy someone knows about smallworlds.

Yeah, anyways, well that avatars on your account,right? And you banned it? Well, so you banned yourself :/ Are you able to log in to your profile or world??

If you are, try going into the settings thing beside … Read more

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Emma Midnight answered Hayden Hansen's question

I LOVE bad boys!!!


1. Cause they're the cool dudes in class

2. Cause they're not scared of anything

3. Cause mainly I'm a bad girl too????


In my class theres 2 bad boys, I like one of them, and by bad boys I mean he doesn't care for getting into trouble in class. He just says funny … Read more

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You're 13???? Why would you have a boyfriend if you're 13?????  If your 13 its just as if he was your friend. Its not a real boyfriend. Wait 'till your like 16 to get a real boyfriend.

But still, here's the letter you should write:

Dear -name here-

I think we should break up,

It was fun hanging out … Read more

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No one should think other religions are bad, but maybe if you have white skin you find brown skin weird.

Or like if you are Catholic, and you meet a muslim person, you might think its a bit weird that everyone's different,  but they don't think its bad.

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Say that you LOVE dogs and you would care for them, feed it, walk it, play with it, and I guess thats all I can say.

I had a little yorkshire terrier inside the house and it ripped everything and ruined the house and we sold it ;( I loved him though, so after a year … Read more

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Looms, are things that help you make rainbow loom bands.

Loom bands are small rubber bands that you can make bracelets out of. A loom helps you make harder bracelets. Look up pictures on it. If you have a loom and rubber bands look up  videos on Youtube on how to make them.

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Do you think snapchat is dangerous?? Well I have it, and I think its perfectly safe and fun to chat, but I keep hearing rumors on it. Like snapchat actually saves your pictures and shows it to everyone.

Is that only a rumour or is it true?