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This is controversial.

I blame parents. Children should already be writing and reading prior to starting education. If they are not, it means the parents have done nothing to help them.

Too many parents these days give children laptops, tablets and phones to play with, some out of pure ignorance, thinking this is helping them learn, when … Read more

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It really depends on what sort of beer you are referring to, but the 2014 winner of the best beer went to "Haacht Brewery" in Belgium. So therefore it would seem that the best beer in the world is brewed in Belgium!

There are annual awards for beer (as you will see from my reference … Read more

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So, the first thing that came to mind was:

"Tree Books Vs Ebooks: Tradition against the electronic world (or 'electronic times' might be better)"

But here are some others that may help inspire you:

- "Powering Information"

- "Power Up Your Information"

Actually, I have a number of other suggestions, but I'm curious: Is this an argument for or against … Read more