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A good cover should be visually appealing.  It could be blank or have an image that has something to do with the book.  If I wrote a How-to book about re-purposing snow-mobile engines there should not be an image of an elephant climbing a mango tree. Unless at some point the focus of the book … Read more

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It's all myth. Of course when you believe such things deeply, it will happen as what you believed. Mind is very strong.

I don't even notice wow it's 13 and i should feel something ? Not at all. It means nothing to me. It's just a number like any others.

I love 13 because of this beautiful … Read more

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Nope. I purposely do lucky type things today, or I treat today like Halloween.

I'll go out and buy lottery tickets or gamble somewhere. I walk under ladders and encourage black cats. I will wear the number thirteen. I step on all the cracks on a sidewalk.

I dress all in black and watch all of … Read more

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I wear my wedding ring if I am leaving the house and will wear my engagement ring with it to special events. I have a detergent sensitivity and if I wear my ring all the time my finger will break out. My engagement ring has a cathedral setting which sits up rather high. I have … Read more